Instrument:  Vocals/Bass
Born:  17th February 
From: Rotorua N.Z


Being part of a family of nine, the Reihana’s always had a guitar on hand to jam with, and John’s dad trying to teach the family basic party song chords. Music has played a huge part in John’s life, from when he was about 8 years old, He has varied interest in different styles of music ranging from early Rock n Roll,  Reggae, Jazz , R n B, Rock and dare he say it Country music, which he was actually brought up with, having lived in the country for a lot of his younger years, the family started a band, just playing local social functions, birthdays weddings etc, which they did for a few years up until he was about 15years old and then got involved with playing bass for his uncles band finding out you could actually get paid for doing it. Late teens early twenties saw John playing for a number of bands in and around Rotorua, either freelancing with different musicians or playing in established bands such as Rage, Crossroads, Messiah, and Hazzard to name a few. John has also travelled overseas, playing in various clubs and pubs from Brisbane , Gold Coast, through to Sydney , and having the privilege of travelling to China on two separate tours with “KINDRED”.

Note from Johnny,

I had  known the other three members of Kindred for a few years prior to actually joining the band, having played in different bands with each of them,  and now having the privilege of playing alongside three of  the most talented musicians in NZ.

My goals for the future, in music, is to keep doing what I enjoy, and embrace whatever the future throws at us, Cheers,


Johnny Rei         



Gear List 

* Fender Prophecy Bass

* DR 40/100 S/S Bass Strings
* Epiphone Embassy 5-String Bass
* Gallien-Krueger Rack mount Head
* Gallien-Krueger 410RBH Cabinet
* Gallien-Krueger 115RBH Cabinet
* Shure 55SHII Vocal Mic
* Shure Wireless unit 
* O'Neill Bros  Acoustic Bass