Instrument:  Drums/Vocals
Born:  14 October
From: Rotorua N.Z


To cut a long story short. Ian’s been playing drums for about 18 years but only a good 10 or so of those years seriously. He took up drums because later on in life he could see no sense in playing any other instrument that was secondary to the drums. Initially starting off on the guitar at a very young age, his older brother rained on his parade and became a lot better. Ian remembers those days of learning songs by the Shadows. Then deciding he wanted to play Bass because he thought John Entwhistle from The Who was the man. Lucky for us Ian later realized that the drums were meant to be his forte.

Ian’s drumming idols growing up as a lad among many included the following:

Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Mickey Ututaonga, Uncle Colin, Mike Portnoy, Dennis Chambers, that chick out of the GoGo’s.

Rock on mother f…  


Bands that Ian has been a part of over the last decade or so.

Sweet leaf 1990 – 1992 on and off 

Skyscraper 1991 – 6 months

Knucklebones 1992 – 6 months

Jet Black – 1994 – 1995

Fat Sally  - 1996 – 1997

Kindred 1998 – 2026

Gear List 

Pearl Masters Custom kit 

14" x 5.5" Pearl Maple free floating snare 16" Zildjian A series custom crash 
12" x 12" Pearl Maple Tom 18" Zildjian  K series custom crash  
14" x 14" Pearl Maple Floor Tom 21" Zildjian Z Mega bell ride
16" x 16" Maple Tom 20" Zildjian China crash
22" x 26" Pearl Maple Base drum  5a Zildjian Drum Sticks
14" Zildjian A series custom Hihats DW 5000 kick pedals