Instrument:  Vocals/Guitar
Born:  12th May
From: Rotorua N.Z


Boss has been playing guitar since he was about 8 or 9, the first songs he learnt to play were 'Hey Joe' by Jimi Hendrix, House of the rising sun and a assortment of the shadows, by the time he was about 11 he was playing songs by Iron Maiden, AC-DC, Deep Purple, Van Halen who became his idol at that age. Boss started playing lead guitar for his dadís band at 13 which was a good grounding for things to come. The first real rock band Boss was in was with Bede's older brother Sean O'Neill when he was 15 they were called 'Serpent' rehearsing cover songs by 'The Cult' 'Black Sabbath', 'Ozzy' ,'Michael Shenker Group' 'Iron Maiden' 'Motorhead' etc. The band never gigged as Boss did his O.E and went to Aussie, he came back when he was 17 and put a band together called 'Wing itt'. It was a pretty sharp band for the time and first time for Boss writing originals. Shit happened and Boss went onto join 'Aces High' for awhile but something had to give cause all the band did was drink piss so Boss decided to reformed 'Wing itt' that didn't last long one gig and a big fight see ya later. Then came 'S.O.S' with guys from 'Wing itt' and 'Aces High' it was good but the same thing to much piss! The band got a new bass player and let the singer go and carried on for about a year as the Band 'Tempest' with the legendary 'Oven Door Tour', Boss said that it was good fun as a power trio Boss guitar, Law Mackey on drums from the band 'Wing itt' and S.O.S and Andy Cowan on bass, this band got considerably heavy sighting 'Pantera' and 'Metallica' as influences. Bosses next project was 'Jetblack' with brother Ian on drums and Chris Duff on bass (wing itt) the band didn't last long and Boss put the music on hold and  got real day jobs and he got married. Now the big moment 'Kindred' formed in 1998 Boss (guitar), Chris Duff (bass), Bede (guitar), Ian (drums) and Jason Liddle (vocals 1998 - 2002). Jonny Reihana (bass) joined to replace Chris after about a year of playin in the band.


A note from Boss

Now if you can have a family outside your family these guys in this band are it for me.

Playing with these guys is pure ecstasy and full-on, damn enjoyable.

See ya on the road.  

Peace out people, later  


Gear List 

* Assortment of Ibanez guitars

* DiMarzio EVO & PAF Pro
* 9 - 46 strings 
* 2 - Peavey EVH 5150 Head  
* JMP-1 Marshall  pre amp
* Roland effects Rack 
* Alesis Effects Rack
* Yamaha EQ
* Peavey 4 x 12 Quad
* Behinger Midi Board     
* Dunlop Cry Baby Wah McPherson mods